Super Affiliate System Review

What Is The Super Affiliate System?

Super Affiliate System is a 6-week training course that teaches people how to do Affiliate Marketing using the power of Paid Advertising. 

It includes things like: 

  • Targeting Data
  • Ad Swipes
  • Presell Pages
  • $895.00 of Network Coupons for Paid Traffic
  • And much more!

Inside the training, you will learn things like: 

  • FaceBook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Native Ads
  • YouTube Ads
  • And much more!

What is Inside the Member’s Area? 

Module 1 – Setting Up The System

This is where this wonderful journey begins! Although not advised, one could skip this if you feel like you know how to do all of this already.

What’s covered in week #1:

  1. Setting your goals
  2. Setting up your website
  3. Everything about presell pages (your online sales force)
  4. Setting up your Facebook ads account the right way
  5. Working with the best affiliate networks

Module #2 –  Understanding And Believing in The System

This is the module that you should NOT miss! Keeping the right mindset will enable you to ultimately succeed in whatever you are doing.

The KEY sub-module is definitely the research part. John explains his process in great detail with MANY  golden nuggets worth the price of the course!

What’s covered in week #2:

  1. Creating the right state of mind for success
  2. Super Affiliate Niche Research
  3. Where To Find Niche Data and How to speak your niche language
  4. Networking in the industry
  5. User intent and it’s role in advertising

Module #3 –  Marketing Skills

The key takeaway from week 3 is the John Crestani’s copywriting formula. Learn how to talk to the “reptilian” part of the brain with some ninja psychology secrets.

What’s covered in Week 3:

  1. Key Elements of good copywriting
  2. [GUEST] Ronnie Sandlin, 7-figure copywriter
  3. John’s 17-step copywriting formula that works!
  4. Optimizing ads for a bigger ROI and payday
  5. Key factors of optimizing ads

Module #4 –  Facebook and Google Ads

This is where the rubber really meets the road! Everything you ever wanted to know about FB Ads or Google Ads is covered. These two ad networks are the biggest and can make the cash register go: “CHA-CHIIIING!”

What’s covered in week #4

  1. Facebook Ads + Case Study
  2. Facebook Ads Compliance
  3. Metrics To Look at In Online Marketing
  4. Google Ads 1
  5. Google Ads 2
  6. Case studies of Facebook & Google ads
  7. [GUEST] Brian Pfeiffer on FB Ads – Anatomy of a $100k per month FB Ad

“We Were Able To DOMINATE Facebook Ads And Take a Campaign to $1,200/Day” – Tyler E.

Module #5 – Week 5 – Native & YouTube Ads

This is a whole different kind of beast. The amount of buyers you can reach with these networks is staggering. Getting your message (advertising) across to as many people as possible results in bigger pay-days!

What’s covered in week #5

  1. Setting up MGID Native Ads The Right Way!
  2. Outbraing Native Advertising
  3. Voluum DSP Native Ads
  4. YouTube Ads And Setting Them Up For Maximum ROI

Module #6 – Week 6 – Scaling & Automating Your Business

If you followed everything you should be able to have profitable campaigns up and running by week 6. But only by  scaling and automating it is possible to make those 6-figure months a reality.

What’s covered in week #6

  1. Using Survey Funnels
  2. $240,000 Case Study – Solar Niche
  3. Scaling a Campaign from $1k – $20k
  4. Utilizing Media Buyers
  5. Student Loan Case Study