3 Things You’re NOT Doing Right With SEO

So what are some of the biggest mistakes made by customers and small businesses when hiring SEO companies?

By practicing a little common sense and due diligence, you can save a lot of aggravation, time and money early.

Every professional you use will know what your website needs most. From its unique point of view. One will tell you that your site needs the best coding to work properly.

Another will tell you that the most important thing is what you say. After all, if potential customers are unable to read your content, they will not buy from you.

Still, another may point out the importance of graphics. Of course, they are all true.

Luckily for you, simply by identifying the blunders and evading them, it’s actually sounder than those who do them, even being a beginner for SEO.

But guess what? Nothing they say will make any difference unless you are able to attract visitors to your site. To do this you must have search engines. But you must also do something else.

If you know SEO very well, learning these errors will not spoil your chances, but helps improve them.

3 things you’re not doing right with SEO!

1.) Assuming that an SEO company knows what they are talking about

This is the absolute worst mistake you can make as a client. The unfortunate reality of the situation is that small businesses, in many cases, have no time or knowledge of SEO techniques for them to make a fully informed decision.

This makes this error more important. Honestly, this is a kiss of death because many SEO companies sell hopes and dreams and offer guarantees they can not achieve or expect.

Looks great in the potential client’s mind and their first reaction is “Why did not we think about this before”?

I appeal to you to do your research and to work with an honest company and can show proven results.

I have repeatedly heard terrifying stories from business owners and executives after getting a promise from a former company in the world and barely received a small town.

The fact of the matter is that snake oil vendors are present (especially in the SEO world and online marketing) and are looking to exclude unfamiliar and potential customers. Do a search so that it does not happen to you.

2.) Expect to see results immediately

Another big mistake small companies make when deciding to hire an SEO company is to think that these results occur immediately. This is simply a different case.

There is a reason why search engines are called “organic” or “natural” results. SEO is a process supposed to apply to your website in order to grow it normally.

The normal growth of anything does not happen overnight or in a week or two.

In fact, it takes a week or two for search engines to index the entire Web site and update its database, so you have to get rid of any SEO company who is ordering in two weeks’ time.

3.) The belief that an SEO company can magically increase the frequency of a customer’s phone call

Why does a business contract with SEO? They want to increase yarns and sales.

Can a company of SEO do this? Not at all. When an SEO campaign is implemented correctly, the company’s website will first populate to its potential customers.

But many times, SEO companies will make huge promises and guarantees about aspects that are not controlled, and the client/seller relationship usually begins with corruption.

As a small company, it is tempting to believe these allegations. In fact, it is almost impossible to resist because each company is looking to increase the frequency of phone calls.

SEO (which is) can be very powerful in your marketing efforts. We fully believe in them here.

But be wary of any search engine optimization companies that make outrageous claims without knowing anything about you or your business.

What does it mean?

Search engines find your site using programs called robots or spiders that “crawl” on the Internet. These programs are automated to follow hyperlinks from one page to another and from one Web site to another.

Whenever they encounter new content or a new site (like your site, for example).

They save or index their results. Then, when someone writes a keyword in the search window, the search engine on SERPs displays the information most relevant to that particular keyword.

The visitor then has the option to choose the information that is most relevant to what he or she is looking for.

But for search engines to display your information in the most prominent place, they must first ensure that your content is relevant to what the visitor is searching for. The 3 things listed below will help achieve this.

-Put SEO at the top of your list. Do your homework. Read read read. Find someone familiar with SEO, and get their input on what you need to do to make your site more search engine friendly.

-If you can, build your own website with the help of a reputable hosting company. Stay away from websites created with software that can hide your content within a graphic. Spiders can not read the hidden content inside a drawing.

-If possible, do not use too many frames on your site. Search engine nodes cannot read content within a frame. Besides, this old school stuff.


Following the instructions above will help ensure that your site is relevant to the search engine in its structure and appearance and will help make it more searchable for search engines.

But do not stop there.

Since the contractor does not stop when he builds his institution, and the golfer does not stop playing when the club hits the ball, you can not stop improving your site when you have finished writing your content.

You must follow all the SEO commitments and your effort. This will ensure that your readers and potential customers can easily find and navigate your site.

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